Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This is not play

[...] when I ask adults to find pictures of play or relaxation in the pages of magazines, they typically -- I mean, like 95 percent of the time -- cut out images of people lying inertly on some sort of low-slung beach furniture, getting plastered on margaritas.

News flash: this is not play.

It's just evidence of two sad things about modern life: (1) most of us are desperately sleep-deprived, and (2) we've largely abandoned our playful, imaginative true nature to media clichés.

Martha Beck
Finding Your Way in a Wild New World


  1. When I watch my kids play, I am always amazed at where their imaginations take them. I love to see them building forts and running around the house! But I admit, as I became an adult, and all the responsibilities came upon me, I still loved to play.... however, sometimes I took that playtime more internally. I'd gallop across the moon to visit old lovers and reunite with friends across the Atlantic. They'd emerge in my dreams and my poems.... And I'd only feel free to exude this in my body during a sex (when I was single) and swimming and biking and on the London Underground.... And when I'm dancing and singing

    Play isn't the same when we are grown up... but sometimes it does happen when we are lying still. (-:

  2. yes, it's sad when we lose that child like's good to be reminded...thank you dear lady.