Sunday, January 5, 2014

Time to (re)start savouring

In 2012, my word of the year was Savour. One of the ways in which I honoured this word was to participate in a weekly gratitude challenge. I let this practice lapse midway through last year and I have been thinking how much I missed it.

It was the perfect excuse to keep my eyes peeled for all the things that made me feel lucky and glad to be alive during the week, then take a moment to share them at some point over the weekend. I also met some incredible kindred spirits through the lovely 52 weeks of grateful site hosted (at the time) by a dear friend.

I'm not planning to commit to the activity so formally this year i.e. by joining in a weekly challenge or entering my posts in linkies and so on. But I am really keen to reinstate a gratitude practice, to help keep me grounded and present through all the joys and challenges that will inevitably arise during the year.

So, without further ado: this week, I have been grateful for:

1. The "polaroid selfie" my daughter made for me today, pictured above. She has been so loving and helpful and attentive of late. I am one lucky mama.

2. My husband's amazing support as I've slowly overcome a respiratory infection, including spending a lot of extra time hanging out with our littlie so I can rest. I'm pretty reluctant to sit still at the best of times, so his firm encouragement has been very much appreciated (and the naps have totally helped!). I will really miss him when he goes back to work this week.

3. Slowly, slowly catching up and getting back on track after the whirlwind that was December. This has included a lot of tidying, many many loads of laundry (and even more ironing) and lots of miscellaneous bits of admin. I've been a lot slower in attacking it all due to the infection -- oh, and er, being heavily pregnant -- but it's been rewarding to see the incremental progress add up.

4. Witnessing the slow but steady recovery of my friend Dave, aided by the incredible strength and support his of wife Brandee and their children. It has been a true privilege to get to know these superlative human beings over the past year via social media. Their journey has been humbling and reminded me of what's truly important every single day.

5. Good mail days! Treats have included books (of course), one very special snuggly blankie, a daybook and a very decadent kimono.

6. A beautiful email sent to me by my daughter's kindergarten teacher. I had written to let her know how much we appreciated her kindness and commitment and effort and attention to detail, and she responded with a series of gorgeous observations about my little 'un. I have printed them out and added them to the portfolio she was given as a memento of her year.

7. Holding my daughter as she cries because she misses her kindergarten friends and teachers. The portfolio has been a tremendous gift in the process, as it helps her reconnect with many special memories. But it's also been a privilege just to honour the sadness that comes with letting go and moving on to a new phase in our lives.

8. Baking Wookiee Cookies! My sister gave this cookbook to my daughter for Christmas and it's brilliant. The cookies were delicious and a lot of fun to make. Highly recommended.

9. A wonderful Goddess reading for 2014 from Amy Palko. I was intrigued my by friend Glenda's description of her reading so, without giving it too much thought, ordered one of my own. What I received truly blew me away... and had my mind, heart and soul racing in a billion excited directions. Looking forward to sharing more about this very soon.

10. Feeling the serious pull to make some art. It has been a long long time since I have got messy with paper and glue and paint but the call is getting stronger by the day. I need to replenish my paint supply, so what better way to start than a trip to an art supply shop? I'm already daydreaming about turquoise and hot pinks and yellow. I'm also gathering images for a couple of new year vision boards and can't wait to lose myself in the process. It's been a long time and there's truly no feeling like it.

What are you grateful for this week?

P.S. Over the next few days, I'm going to be working through Reverb13 for myself. I didn't get the chance in December as I was keen to direct my energies towards hosting the event and ensuring that as many participants felt seen and heard and connected as possible. But I'm now ready to face the music myself and see what answers emerge. If you didn't get the chance to participate late last year, you're very welcome to join me as I blog my responses here. Out of deference to other reflective writing challenges happening in January, it will be very low key. But your presence, as always, will be most welcome.


  1. That polaroid - gorgeous!! I still have seven reverb prompts to answer and am looking forward to your answers also. Now go make art!! Love that you're feeling better xx

  2. I'll be very interested to read you --what you did by hosting helped me quite a lot! Thank you again.

  3. If you're still looking for a gratitude practice that is doable, check out It takes 30 secs a day. I have been using it for 18 months and it has been life changing!