Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Saturday savoured

This week, I am grateful for:

1. My nearest and dearest bearing with me as I work through my anxieties, including the resulting impulse to try and control everything and everyone around me. I'm feeling a lot more relaxed at the moment and can see my neuroticisms for what they are. More on this soon.

2. Investing in my self and my life's dreams by signing up for two events that, up until now, I mightn't have considered myself worthy of or eligible for. I am so excited to have nabbed myself tickets for Clare Bowditch's Big Hearted Business conference in May (where none other than Danielle LaPorte will be speaking: SQUEEE!) and Alexandra Franzen's Write Yourself Into Motion workshop in September. So what I am now officially broke? So what if both are likely going to require some crazy juggling with breastfeeds and whatever else? I am GOING! And I am so damn excited.

3. This incredible, eye-opening article about Amazon from The New Yorker. I am a firm supporter of local indie booksellers but I cannot deny that I have been an Amazon junkie for well over ten years. But if this is truly the state of affairs in the publishing industry, then I am going to seriously rethink my loyalty... and spending behaviour.

4. The onset of Autumn. OK, I may be the only person in Melbourne who has been loving the cool weather and the occasional downpour. We have a couple more hot days forecast for this week, but I am so ready so say goodbye to Summer... and already excited about rediscovering my Autumn wardrobe (in due course!).

5. How to Think about Exercise. I have just ordered this (from my local indie bookseller). It somehow seems perfect for this over-intellectualiser. I'm hoping it'll be exactly the kick in the pants I need to get into shape once my baby is born.

6. Playing music super loud when I am home alone during the day. It's the best motivation I can think of to do anything remotely domestic at the moment. I am extremely civic-minded as a rule, and consideration for my neighbour's sanity would normally be high on my priority list. But I cannot deny there is something a tiny bit satisfying about digging out my old Chemical Brothers CDs and cranking them up full bawl. It brings back lots of fun memories and puts a spring in my step. And if it exacerbates our twenty-something neighbour's daytime sleep: bonus!*

7. The practical support my parents offer me, unreservedly. From running errands, to knitting and handwashing baby clothes, to fixing things around my home, to gifts of fresh home produce and bottled goods... they make my life so much easier in so many ways. I've also really been enjoying their company too.

8. An incredible email from my dear friend Alana. She'd read how I'd be struggling with the noise that tends to surround the tail end of pregnancy so sent me some delicious recollections of her own, to serve as a counterpoint. I can't begin to tell you how touched I was by her empathy and generosity of spirit. She's made of the good stuff, that girl, and I feel so privileged to have her as a friend.

9. The beautiful mugs, pictured above, a gift from my sister from a super sweet Parisian store that recently opened in Melbourne. Love. And love.

10. Things just feeling easier emotionally this week, even though everything is getting a lot harder emotionally. I'm a lucky gal.

What are you most grateful for, this week?

* We have (un)affectionately christened the lad next door "boof head". He is practically nocturnal and plays doof-doof full-tilt at the most inconsiderate hours. One time, when my little 'un was a baby, I knocked on his door and asked if he wouldn't mind turning the volume down. He took ten minutes to answer the door and, when he did, took one look and me, told me to eff off then slammed the door on my face. Charmer.


  1. You're to sweet to mention my email as one of your gratefuls, Kat. I'm so happy to be considered a friend of yours and I'm glad my words helped you. Those mugs are gorgeous and OMG I am so jealous that you are going to the BHB conference AND Alexandra Franzen. Can not wait to hear all about those events!!

  2. you are definitely not the only person embracing the cooler weather and autumn's soon arrival, i pulled out my wooly socks at the first sign of cooler weather ha ha!