Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hello. I'm listening.

The universe has been looking after me this week. I feel so grateful to be awake, open, listening.

The messages are clear.

What if I was never deeply flawed, ignorant, inadequate? What if things happened just because that's the way they happen... for me, for the women in my family, for anyone in my family, for many others?

What if my romantic ideas about the way things should have been and the way things could be are just and only that: romantic ideas?

What if, knowing this, I have the power to make decisions that will signal my acceptance of what is... and make the best of it?

What if even the bravest girls need to shed a tear every now and again, to show that they are fully present to the enormity of what's happening?

What if pushing that little bit further, working that little bit harder reaped rewards that greatly outnumbered the fatigue?

The triggers, the relived trauma, the joy: they are gifts to me right now. They are opening up conversations that are going to make the world of difference over the coming months.

What a privilege, to be learning.


  1. Such beautiful words Kat. I truly believe that we learn {and relearn} from all our experiences, and they bring us to a higher, stronger {often lighter!} version of ourselves xx

  2. Great write, it's all about perspective and learning.