Monday, February 24, 2014

Some quotey goodness for you

I recently participated in an email chain letter type thingy called an "inspirational exchange". I am not usually a fan of this sort of thing as a rule -- and feel very hesitant to impose on my friends -- but thought I'd give this one a whirl, seeing as it came from one of my favourite people.

The logistics of the "exchange" were a little convoluted (particularly for this baby brain) but the basic requirement was to email a few words of inspiration of encouragement to the person at the top of the list.

I sent my favourite Rumi poem.

After a few days, the following quotes arrived in my in-box from three women I don't know. Their timing was impeccable and their message profound, so I thought I'd share them here:

From Marisa
Take the attitude that what you're thinking and feeling is valuable stuff.

From Edlyn
Before something great happens, everything falls apart.

From Loretta
Treat every person with kindness and respect - not because of who they are but who YOU are.

A fun way to receive the truth, no?


  1. I love these and needed them too! <3

  2. I swear, I normally would never do that sort of thing either, but it also came to me from someone dear and seemed like a wonderful thing to do. I'm glad you did, got something good out of it. Much love to you.