Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday is for savouring

This week, I am grateful for...

1. The best Valentine's card ever, made by my little 'un at school. I have pinned it to the wall next to my bed so I can see it last thing at night and first thing in the morning. It just may be my most favourite piece of art ever.

2. A really touching mention in the acknowledgements of my friend Phil's new book. Have you seen her new website yet? It's seriously wonderful. And, of course, I recommend her book The Latte Years highly (a serious steal at one British Pound!). I particularly love the Happy Healthy Life manifesto at the end, which I have printed and pinned to my study/studio wall.

3. Stumbling across this scarf at a local indie gift shop. I know you won't be surprised to learn that I snaffled it.

4. People who say YES to requests for help, unreservedly, despite no real benefit to themselves. I suspect there are more people like this in my life than I am aware of. Experience has made me cynical that most offers of help come from a place that is not necessarily about helping me out (and, in fact, accepting some of this help has made my life more complicated and less pleasant in the short term). Perhaps the trick is working out whom to ask and when.

5. Two lovely impromptu lunches with my husband while my daughter attended birthday parties. Today, we found ourselves at the cafe where we had our first date. It has since changed ownership and none of the original staff are there, though the menu remains largely the same. It brought back lots of good memories, and was a great reminder of the importance of time for the two of us.

6. Discovering a shop in Melbourne that stocks a lot of our favourite North American snacks. My husband and daughter don't know this but we have a parcel coming our way including a S'mores kit and a lot of cheddar Goldfish (my little 'un's all-time favourite!).

7. Watching the old Danny Kaye film, Hans Christian Anderson, with my daughter on DVD. I used to adore that film, though a lot of its nuances (and cheesiness) were lost on me as a kid. My littlie loved it too -- though she wanted to know when we could watch the sequel! -- and decided that she'd like to take up ballet lessons. Two years ago we actually rented an apartment in Copenhagen that Mr Anderson reputedly lived in, so it all felt a bit special.

8. Ticking some tasks off my list that were a bit daunting, particularly those that will support my ultimate goal of becoming a self-supporting freelance writer and novelist. I suspect I was a bit ambitious to attempt these things during Mercury Retrograde, whilst heavily pregnant and in the midst of a heatwave... but they are in train now and I know I already have good support in dealing with any consequences or complications that arise.

9. Putting the finishing touches to my son's nursery. This totally helped me to feel more prepared for what's ahead. Every time I peek in the room, I feel a tiny rush of anticipation. The only thing missing now is a bambino!

10. This fantastic article on Elizabeth Gilbert's advice to women. Get out of my own way. Exactly.

What are you grateful for this week?


  1. That's a beautiful card Kat!
    I'm grateful for getting of my butt and starting to write regularly last week. 3 articles last week. Hopefully I can get writing something each day this week.

  2. I am (finally!) catching up on blog-reading, so I have a delayed thank you to offer for the link to Elizabeth Gilbert's article. What a valuable reminder!!

    Hope life is going well as you prepare for the little mister's arrival. =)