Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sundays are for savouring

This week, I have been grateful for...

1. The chance to meet a twitter friend in real life. Philippe was every bit as genuine and interesting and easy to talk to as his social media presence suggests. Delightful!

2. This wonderful post on not giving up sugar by Rachel Cole. How refreshing, to hear a balanced perspective for a change!

3. Managing to work my way through a number of items on my To Do list, particularly in relation to my daughter's fifth birthday party and getting the nursery ready for our new arrival. If I'm going to be honest, the list itself never seems to diminish... but I am doing my best to savour my achievements for what they are (and ignore the vaguely unsettled feeling that nags me that they're not enough).

4. My daughter being given the all-clear from our GP. Her pneumonia has totally gone and her lungs are beautiful and clear. She was such a trouper with the second round of antibiotics, though all the "incentives" I lobbed her way also helped in that respect, ha.

5. My asthma spacer. Why have I never used one of these before? I was advised to buy one years ago and did so, then promptly put it in a cupboard and forgot about it. [My GP tells me this is a very common story.] But seriously, it is like a whole new experience using Ventolin. In particular, it ensures that the stuff goes straight to my lungs where it's needed, rather than irritating my throat and setting off a coughing fit. Such a simple thing -- and, OK, it does look a bit dorky and doesn't exactly fit inside my handbag -- but it's made such a difference that I am totally sold on it.

6. The VicEmergency website. I have to confess, I have been following this almost obsessively over the past couple of weeks. There have been at least three bushfires close to my parents' home over the past fortnight and it's been such a boon to be able to stay informed. They have bags packed and ready in the event they need to evacuate. Scary business!

7. Aesop's Reverence Aromatic hand wash. I love everything about this product: the exfoliation, the fragrance, the velvety smooth way my hands feel after rinsing. Tiny gorgeous moments of decadence in my day.

8. An extremely pretty little package from Kelly Barton arriving in the mail. I love everything about this little kit. I've hardly taken the necklace off and I know that the little slice will be inspiring me to lean in to trust throughout the year (and then record my discoveries in the sweet little journal). Yum.

9. Delving into the life and work of Leonora Carrington. Simply breathtaking.

10. My husband. It's our six year wedding anniversary today, and eight years since our first date. I am so grateful for this sweet boy every day. And looking forward to marking the occasion properly later in the year after our bub has arrived and we've settled into a routine and are in a position to go out and celebrate as is only fitting!

What were you grateful for, this week?


  1. This week I'm grateful for a return to health and a doctor who listens to me when I tell her that this medication is making me sick, has been for months, can we please change it. Consistency (at least until the sickness got too bad this week), good times with the sweet husband.

  2. I really like the Rachel Cole article Kat, thanks for sharing. I think she's right on the money. Having said that, Tom and I "quit" sugar in July last year and I've never felt better but I do think, as with all big revelations about the downsides of something that our culture (and economy) is so invested in, there's a danger of it becoming too much of an obsession and people taking it to the extreme. For us it's all been about being more mindful. We don't avoid all sugar, by any stretch, but we can say with certainty we aren't addicted any more and we know what amount of sugar our bodies can comfortably handle each day and choose mindfully how we wish to partake of it - for me it's usually wine! :) I think balance, sadly, is something we've lost in this world, particularly when it comes to issues of food and consumption in general.

    Anyway....that's my 2c on that particular subject! At the moment I'm grateful for so many things - but good solid employment, the love of my husband, moving to a new house and the lovely response to my e-book would be top of the list.


  3. thank you so much for your sweet words! so happy you are enjoying. peace, kelly