Sunday, March 9, 2014

The cocktail cart

I wish I were a greater photographer so I could do this beauty justice. Because the truth is, I am seriously in love with this cocktail cart! But, as with so many of my object attachments, it kinda has not much to do with the cart per se (even though it is a beauty).

Indulge me for a moment.

It's no great secret that I am a sucker for Danish Modern.  It's also a well known fact that I love trawling through exquisite coffee table books, pretty blogs and quirky instagrams to brighten my day with tiny snippets of visual beauty. (It's a good thing I'm not on Pinterest, methinks. I'd not get a single other thing done ever.)

One of my favourite pretty blogs to read is A Beautiful Mess. Other than being continually gobsmacked by how hard this team works and how clever they are to keep finding amazing DIY projects to post, I love the cocktail recipes they are constantly inventing.

Maybe it's the nine months of abstinence and the thought of a few more due to breastfeeding (although try and stop me from having a few sips from the bottle of Moët currently chilling in our fridge to celebrate our bambino's arrival!). But I've really missed coming home or going out and relaxing with a few drinks and good conversation.

And over the past few months, I've been thinking, nay obsessing, about owning a cocktail cart.

It felt like the luckiest day ever when my husband found one online that had just arrived at a local purveyor of Scandinavian furniture, a mere five minutes' drive from our home and small/light enough for me to collect in my car. That same day, it was mine!

But I don't think it's about the cart so much. It might not even be about the alcohol.

In truth, I want to create a ritual. Say, for example, a Friday night. Like a date night for me and my husband (and perhaps/occasionally a friend). Once the littlies are safely settled in bed, the chance to sit back, relax, play some music, sip something delicious, maybe munch a few cute canapés, light the fire if it's cold enough and generally ease into the weekend.

I haven't been able to let this idea go. I think it's partly an acknowledgement of how busy our lives are about to become and how a lot of our interaction in the household is about to become pedestrian, domestically-focused and transactional.

I love the idea of carving out a little space for a pair of tired adults to enjoy just being together and remember what we enjoyed about each other's company in the first place (which always tends to happen on our date nights). I also like the idea of going to a bit of effort for this, getting new ingredients and trying out a new recipe, maybe even dressing up a little.

At the end of the day, we're just talking about a couple of drinks. And sure, I could have scheduled in a weekly date night with a cheap bottle of plonk, with no cocktail cart purchase required.

But somehow, going to a bit of effort helps it feels more than a little sacred.

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