Friday, March 7, 2014

You know what I'm saying

What I want to say

Well, I was playing, see
in the shadow of the tabernacle.
I was decorating mud pies
with little brown balls
I found scattered on the ground
like nuts, or berries.
Until some big boy came walking by
and laughed, "Hey,
don't you know you're puttin' goat doo
on your mud pies? I bet
you're gonna eat 'em, too!"

That day, I made a major error
in my creative life.

What I want to say is this:
I liked those little balls
on my mud pies. I was a sculptor,
an artist, an architect. I was
making pure design in space and time.
But I quit
because a critic came along
and called it shit.

Pat Schneider
How the Light Gets In:
Writing as a Spiritual Practice


  1. oh my days this is brilliant! "called it shit" made me laugh, and I so relate to the creative injury in that poem, and too often we are creatively injured and it takes ages to recognise and heal those hurts.

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Linda @ Notes from the Arena

  2. wow...that is a powerful story and message, yet sad too because it is the story of so many of us struggling not only to be artists but struggling to be AUTHENTIC.

    I was imagining how those little balls were decorating the mud cake and I'm sure it was looking wonderful until that little brat said the words 'goat doo' - so what if the mud cake was decorated in goat doo??!? Sheesh...

    Thank you for sharing this simple yet powerful story Kat!

  3. Love this Kat and I love Pat's work. This will fuel me to do my work today. I have How the Light Gets in but I have not finished it yet. You are inspiring me to get on it. Hugs and hope you are hanging in there with the little one in your belly.