Thursday, May 1, 2014

Full moon, half truths

There are a few more things I really want to say about April Moon.

I really want to say that I am so pleased with the way it panned out. A small but committed group of people participated and your contribution was sincere and heartfelt.

I really want to say that I totally understand what a busy month it was for everyone, for writing (e.g. NaPoWriMo) and life (e.g. Easter holidays, Passover, school holidays, Spring break) and everything else.

I really want to apologise to those on whose posts I was unable to post a comment. Over the years, I have signed up with a myriad of hosts in order to be able to do so but a small number still elude me. Google+ being one of them. (Last time I said yes to Google+ it buggered up all my settings, so whenever I see it I tend to run a mile. Sorry!) Please know that your posts were read and appreciated and tweeted regardless.

I really want to say how beautiful it was to see you visiting each other's posts and leaving supportive, encouraging comments.

I really want to confide that I am still not sure I did the right thing in using the Reverb13 email list for this new writing challenge. I wanted to avoid asking people to sign up yet again but, in doing so, I feel like I breached email etiquette. I wanted to reassure you all that I have a solution that will be in place by the time August Moon rolls around.

I really want to say that I had underestimated how triggering a single word would be for most people. I want to honour the bravery you showed in writing through your fears and putting them out there. That remains one of the single most humbling (and rewarding) parts of what I do.

I really want to say that I'm glad I included a caveat in the April Moon info page about my variable commitment given the unpredictability of life with a newborn. I really want to tell you that the prompts and the positive comments and the tweets were only a half truth about my life these past few weeks.

I really want to tell you the truth: that some days I just did not have the chance -- between feeding and settling and everything else -- to sit down at the computer and write. I really want to tell you that some evenings I felt so exhausted and limp, the most I could do was wash my face and clean my teeth and crawl into bed.

I really want to tell you the truth: that some days I feared I was falling down the gurgler.


  1. Thank YOU, Kat, for hosting this 2-week period of reflection! It does seem that many were inspired to reflect deeply and thoughtfully on each day's prompt, of April Moon, and I, for one, am glad of the time to do so. It's helped me sift out many things that have been troubling me for a few months, so I thank you for this time to reflect and bring things to light =-)

  2. PS - I too have been stymied by Google + when attempting to leave comments, so you are not alone!!

  3. I noticed that the comments on my blog have gone down since i put google+ on it i wonder if i can get rid of of google +. I fell off the april moon bandwagon half way through as i moved house and had no internet :(