Sunday, May 25, 2014

Savouring my Saturday and a Sunday Savoured

This weekend, I have been grateful for...

1. A beautiful Saturday afternoon tea with my little family, my parents and my sister, brother-in-law and gorgeous little niece. We sipped champagne and nibbled on Greek cheese pastries (made by my mum), fruit cake (made by my husband) and chocolate raspberry cupcakes (made by my sister). We laughed and chatted and listened to the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack. I was also treated to some really stylish and lovingly chosen gifts. The best way to spend a birthday.

2. My beautiful, clever, thoughtful daughter, who went out of her way to be as helpful and joyful as she could all day. This included: getting herself dressed and making her own breakfast; brushing her hair and adding a pretty clip so she could look spiffy for my "party"; entertaining her tiny brother while my husband and I prepared for our guests; organising party games. Above is the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game she made, which my mum won. Love that girl, so much.

3. Mindful in May. I have been downloading the guided meditations each day and doing my best to listen to them before going to sleep each evening. I'm not doing it perfectly but I see this as a beginning. I am totally loving the self-compassion focus: absolutely what I need right now. I would be so grateful for your support, if you have the time/inclination/funds... and so would the people of Ethiopia.

4. This perfect quote from my friend Kira. "Don't meditate to fix yourself." Oh my goodness, yes.

5. My Dad forwarded me the link to the new Story Museum exhibition 26 Characters in Oxford. How I wish I could visit! I'm so curious, in particular, to see how Neil Gaiman would render Badger (which I presume refers to Wind in the Willows? Please do correct me if I'm wrong.)

6. My tribe of wellness warriors, including my GP, my therapist (a "new" one!), my shamanista weight loss coach, my naturopath friend, my mum, dad and sister, my twitter pals, and my gals who are always on the end of the phone when I need them. And, of course, my husband who is always there for me when I am having an off day. I feel like my hand is being firmly held as I navigate my way through this bumpy patch.

7. This incredible commencement address from Patti Smith, courtesy of the brilliant Maria Popova (aka Brain Picker). There's no one like Patti for reminding me of the terrifying magnificence of being human. Time to reread Just Kids methinks... accompanied by an open fire, nanna blankie and some hot chocolate (or perhaps Pedro Ximenez). Yes.

8. Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts. Gals, you gotta get yourself in amongst this. You can thank me later. (Me? I'm indebted to Max Daniels for the heads-up during her fabulous Into the Closet class. If you haven't enrolled in this, why in heaven's name not?)

9. Doing the unthinkable today and taking a mid-morning nap. Feeling like a whole new person. Enough said.

10. The photos below, forwarded to me by the mother of one of my daughter's school friends. I wasn't able to take my daughter (pictured in the foreground, in pink) to this birthday party, as I had to stay home to feed and settle her baby brother. When she returned home, she mentioned there had been a magician... but I hadn't realised just how magic the experience was for her until I saw these. That expression! Love.

And 10. + 1. My sweet little eleven-and-a-half week old son for napping for an hour so I could bash out this post!

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