Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Saturday savoured

This evening, finally logging in after another ten day hiatus, I discovered this list waiting patiently in my Drafts folder. I had every intention of sharing some gratitude today and this felt like a tiny time capsule and every bit worth sharing even if a couple of the items did not hold the same immediacy for me as last week.

But in the name of celebrating my splendidly imperfect, gloriously messy life right now, I hereby offer the following by way of thanks:

1. Knocking over a major task that has been niggling me for ages i.e. thank you cards for all of the generous souls who sent gifts to celebrate my bambino's arrival. For someone who loves writing -- not to mention putting stuff in the mail -- as much as I do, it was quite astonishing the range of non-urgent tasks that got prioritised over this!

2.  Discovering The Brand Alchemist on the recommendation of my lovely friend Alana. I took the free test and discovered my archetype and it was breathtakingly accurate (not to mention inspiring). High recommended!

3. After an impasse of six years at chez nous, my husband finally agreed it would be a good idea for us to sign on a cleaner. Friends who have been following my blog since it started (there are *still* a handful of you!) will know that this is something I have wanted for a long, long time. It was on my Mondo Beyondo list, for heaven's sake! And feels like something of a miracle. I managed to get a great recommendation and the chappie started this week. An hour and a half of sitting and reading a magazine while my baby napped and my house got cleaned felt nothing short of heavenly.

4. This brilliant article Why You're Not Failing as a Mother courtesy of my beautiful sister. My goodness, this was exactly what I needed to read this week. In fact, I am tempted to get it tattooed into the inside of my eyelids.

5. Excellent sessions with my "new" therapist. I say "new" as she is someone I have known for quite a while but in a different capacity. This is a new phase for our relationship and it is working really well. I am so grateful to have my hand held through this bumpy phase of the post partum experience. It is also helping me to understand the impact of the dramatic end of my relationship with my former therapist and the ways in which it has held me back from seeking help sooner.

6. Finally understanding exactly what "mindfulness" is and what "self-compassion" means. I know, I know, I'm slow, right? And it's not as if I have suddenly mastered either of these things. But I've seen glimpses of each in action and have experienced first hand the gentle power of getting quiet and doing it kindly. I'm also finding that EFT is an amazingly effective gateway to both of these states (with thanks to Max Daniels) and I look forward to exploring more and sharing what I find.

7. Martha Beck has been mining some gold from her archives via twitter. Recently her musings on happiness and yearning, and our emotional blind spots have really spoken to me. She's a wise one, that one. And generous too. My favourite combination!

8. Finally getting our cocktail cart set up and making good on my plan to try a new cocktail each week. So far it's been "101 ways with rye whiskey" and, to be completely honest, neither my husband and I love whiskey! (There go our hipster aspirations, hah.) But we've been having fun with it nonetheless.

9. Watching the 1982 film of the musical Annie with my daughter. It brought back so many great memories. Mum took my sister and me to see it in the cinema! And I've gotta say, Carol Burnett still rocks it as Miss Hannigan.

10. My little man has started chuckling and basically it's the best thing ever.

What were you grateful for this week?

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  1. Victory on the housekeeping front! SO happy for you. That's my bit of gratitude today.