Sunday, June 22, 2014

Savouring my Sunday

More things I'm grateful for...

1.  New bed linen! Ours was literally threadbare. I'm washing the new sheets as I write and intend to spritz them with my mum's homemade lavender linen water before adorning the bed. There's something sacred in all that somehow.

2. Did you see that Jen Lee's beautiful film Indie Kindred is available to rent online? Take a look at the View Stories: you might see someone you know! PS Look for the one who pulls the myriad of ridiculous faces -__-

4. My sweet sister sent me a link to Seek Act Love, a beautiful site for creative mamas. I'm not a massive fan of "mommy blogs" as a rule, and don't to think of myself as writing one. Not that I have anything against them, they just don't resonate with me. But this one feels smart and compassionate, as well as useful. Props!

5. I learned last week that the challenge I submitted my manuscript for is still yet to be awarded. I believe the intention was to announce the winner (i.e. unsolicited manuscript for Young Adults to be published by a prestigious publisher) during the Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival but a major company restructure delayed the decision-making process. I hadn't heard anything so assumed it was "done and dusted" but while it is still open, there's hope, right?

6. A surprise birthday gift in the mail from my bff. So pretty! I love surprises, especially ones that arrive in the mail. (Ordering via Etsy never hurts, too!)

7. A lovely coffee date with a dear friend after our Wednesday morning bootcamp in the park. Our firstborns were born a week apart and so were our newborns (although she has one in-between as well, a little lad whose smile always melts my heart). I love friendships that are easy, that you can talk about anything, that you always come away feeling affirmed and this is definitely one of them. Keeper.

8. That said, I may have to take this gorgeous gal to task for introducing me to Boden's online offerings. O.M.G.

9. Our bambino is not yet in a fixed routine, although he does know the difference between night and day, and is generally happy to be schlepped to and fro on the school run. But daytime naps and nighttime waking are a still little hard to predict. That said, I feel like a little routine is emerging for me and my family: grocery shopping on Wednesday mornings after bootcamp; long hot soak in the tub on Wednesday nights; skyping with my therapist on Thursday nights; hanging out with my husband when he works from home on a Friday morning (he also does the Friday morning school run, yay!); the cleaning chappie coming on Friday afternoons; Friday night cocktails; my daughter's saturday arvo swimming classes. These little commitments feel like little pegs to hang on, reminding me that the days are long but the weeks fly by.

10. A fresh new altar! We cleared the mantlepiece in our room (pictured above) in anticipation of the cleaning chappie giving it a weekly dust. I love how uncluttered it is... and felt drawn to make it a space for daily affirmations. Each day I am shuffling a deck of either my Happy Mama, Sassy She or Love Your True Colours oracle cards. Sometimes I ask a question, others I just ponder how I am feeling. The answer is always potent and I place it on my mirror and carry it in my mind's eye for the rest of the day.

Tell me more things you are grateful for this week...


  1. New sheets are the best! I just washed ours and with the reluctant help of the husband, but them on the bed. Can't wait to get into it ;)

    I'm in love with the idea of an alter, but I'm not at all sure that I can get said husband to go along with the idea. Yours is quite lovely!

    1. Thanks Jen! With respect to the altar, let's just say that I haven't explicitly stated to anyone else in the house that that's what it is! And I think my husband is becoming resigned to me dotting my "touchy feely" stuff all over the house, heh heh!