Monday, June 23, 2014

This savouring is a serious business!

That's the thing about gratitude: once you start thinking of all the little things that you're grateful for, you start to remember (and notice) even more. After catching up on Saturday and settling in on Sunday, I found that I couldn't scribble fast enough to capture all the items that were tumbling out of my head. There were (and are) just so many things to give thanks for. Such as...

1. Attending the open afternoon at my daughter's school late last week. She and her classmates had built a [not quite] scale model of our local community and dressed up as "community helpers" for the day. My daughter donned a white doctor's coat and bandaged the leg of her plush camel to indicate she was a vet. She proudly showed me her writing journals and maths workbooks and artwork on the walls and, frankly, I could not have been prouder.

2. We're going to see Joan As Police Woman this Friday night. SQUEE! Mum will be babysitting and it'll be the first time we've left bambino in the capable hands of someone else, trusting that he'll sleep from 7pm-ish to at least after we get home (gulp!).

3. I've just discovered Qoya. And Oh. My. Goddess. Read this and feel the magic. When are you opening in Melbourne, Rochelle?

4. I am seriously in love with Loving Earth products but the chocolate coconut butter is becoming a staple of my "hippy shit" drawer (and life). Yup, I eat it straight from the jar. Particularly if I'm tired or anxious... or just wanting to savour the velvety mouth-feel.

5. It is not lost on me that practically every gratitude list I write, I give thanks for something my sister has shared with me. I am continually grateful for that girl, particularly as we journey as new mamas together. Recently, when I was worried that my milk supply might be dwindling, she forwarded me this recipe for lactation cookies and even baked me a batch, complete with dates and dark chocolate chips! I am such a lucky gal. PS They work. PPS It wasn't too bad being "required" to eat cookies, either!

6. I recently treated myself to a Ka-Pow gift pack of Lush products. Yum! I'm slowly working my way through the items each morning when I take my shower. Currently it's the Happy Hippy bath gel. A zingy, delicious way to start the day.

7. A fun family pizza night at our gorgeous local last night, including a phenomenal special of pancetta, mozzarella, fresh mushrooms and rosemary. Apologies to my vegan kindreds but *swoon*!

8. I know I've mentioned Mama Gena here before but can I just say how much I love her view of the world?

9. Speaking of the Doyenne of Pleasure, I've also discovered the world of Kitty Cavalier. If you're not sold on the idea of seduction as a spiritual practice, then I challenge you to read this and not order her book a millisecond later. [Books on pleasure and desire are tugging my sleeve right now. Noted.]

10. And speaking of books, at the top of the pile on my nightstand at present is Ingrid Bacci's The Art of Effortless Living. With a title like that, how could I resist? I'm only a chapter or two in -- reading is only possible in tiny daily increments right now -- but it is totally singing my song.

What else do you want to give thanks for today?

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  1. Lovely post Kat, I have to check out Qoya and the Chocolate Coconut butter for sure. when I saw the picture of the book The Art of Effortless Living I gave a little gasp. I think I need that book.