Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Sunday savoured

This week, I have been grateful for...

1. My new Kuan Yin oracle cards. Oh. My. Goddess. Mother of Heaven, to be precise. If you're in need of some self-compassion infused with the divine feminine, I cannot recommend these highly enough. They are seriously incredible and I just about reckon those of you with an aversion to "woo woo" would just about fall in love with these.

2. Deciding to continue with therapy, despite "apparently" being over the initial bumpy patch which precipitated calling for help. (Ha, the need for quotation marks in the previous sentence kinda says it all, right?) Feeling good about this decision and knowing that Satya is the right person to be walking the path with me.

3. Our parcel delivery dude, Ray. Despite Australia Post going down the gurgler -- and a number of my letters and deliveries going astray -- it's always nice to open the door to his smiling face, even if his exuberant knocking on the window wakes me up. And even if the parcel is just a gift to myself!

4. The fact that we're all in good health right now. The usual colds and viruses are doing the rounds of Melbourne and my daughter has brought home her fair share of sniffles from school. But -- touch wood -- all of my family are in pretty good shape.

5. Discovering that my dear friend's aunt has a gorgeous design business and that she has her own range of absolutely beautiful Melbourne souvenirs! Honestly, the number of times I have searched for something to send a friend overseas that reflects something of my own experience of my home town, and doesn't resort to inferior imitations of Indigenous art or daggy koalas. I've just stocked up big time. And I love how the iconic tram tote is making its way around the world! Yum.

6. Turquoise and aquamarine. Strengthening and opening that throat chakra. Yes.

7. This brilliant post on shopping by the inimitable Max Daniels. Combine it with this red hot one from the sizzling Danielle LaPorte and a glass of red and start making that shopping list, baby!

8. The clarity that comes from writing my "back story". I'm in the midst of working on a pitch for an amazing new magazine (in increments while bambino naps!) and I found that I had to map the whole article out stream-of-consiousness style in order to distil it to its essence. Obviously, the rant will need some pretty serious editing but as the words flowed out, I was able to see my story from a whole new macro perspective... which was of tremendous comfort as I inhabit the micro right now.

9. My friend Jen's daughter arrived safely! And she is seriously gorgeous. Welcome to the world, Scarlett Louise! You are in every way as beautiful as your mama.

10. Speaking of bambini, my sweet little fella continues to bring us all the most intense and unadulterated moments of joy. He is all smiles and chubs and chat. And is hilarious as we experiment with introducing him to solids. Love.

10. + 1. My husband literally walked in the door just now as I was typing and handed me the rose captured below. He'd just pruned it from our front garden and ohhh, how I wish you could smell it. Bliss!

What have you been grateful for, this week?

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