Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still savouring...

So I've had this post marinating in the back of my mind for about ten days now. It's funny how it happens: I tend to have two snatches of 45 minutes to myself each day, if I'm lucky. I'll fill that time with whatever niggles me most. Last week, it was writing letters. Yesterday, it was taxes. Today, it is blogging.

I guess the niggles are my gut's intuition's way of telling me what I need most to achieve peace. As I can only do one thing in the time available, I'm just going with it and trying not to give myself too much grief over all the stuff I didn't get done. I have a few deadlines coming up and the "niggle priority" system seems to be working, so I'm just going to go with it.

So here are the things I've been grateful for of late:

1. Sleep! We're going through a good spell at the moment so I consider us all very lucky. One Friday morning, my husband got up and got our daughter ready for school. Then when our bambino stirred, he  put him in the sling and walked them both to school. I got to sleep in to 9.30am and, I swear, I walked on air until about 3pm.

2. Christmas in July. My mum cooked a delicious turkey and we spent the day at my parents' house, savouring French champagne and sticky date pudding in front of the open fire. It was the usual mix of decadence, relaxation, insanity and pirate stories for my daughter. And as mum put it, "Everywhere I look, there's a smiling baby!" Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

3. Digging through the deep dark depths of my wardrobe, I uncovered a Dodo Pad and matching address book from 1999! They brought back so many memories: I bought them the year I was backpacking around Europe and the USA, when I was staying with some family friends in Oxford.  Seeing as 1999 was well before online shopping really took off, there was no URL on the artefacts I found. So I got curious and googled. It was so heartening to discover that not only is Dodo Pad still around: it's flourishing! (And I just found our family calendar for 2015. Yay!)

4. The smell of Spring in the air. I know, there's still quite a bit of Winter to go! But the sun has come out and, even though the wind has been perishing, it still brings the occasional delicate scent of daphne. All of which makes me feel hopeful.

5. My pitch was accepted! I'm writing a article for a wonderful new magazine and my deadline approacheth. I can't wait to share the details with y'all when it's published. Feeling so validated and stretched by the challenge.

6. My dear friend Julia shared a fascinating tarot spread for all the feelings that arose after the recent Super Moon. I can so relate to the experience she describes here. And the urge to do my own reading using her spread is fast moving up the "niggle ranks".

7. Booking tickets to the Melbourne Writers Festival next month! I am really looking forward to celebrating Dylan Thomas, hearing why Maria Popova (aka Brainpickings) reads, learning more about how words heal and being inspired by Dave Eggers. So grateful to have the support of my husband and parents in caring for bambino so I can attend. And, as always, so proud to be living in a lusciously literary city.

8. Deciding to deal with my FOMO and accept that I can't do everything. That means I'll be missing out on a lot of good stuff in the Melbourne International Film Festival and, in all likelihood, the forthcoming Melbourne Festival. I already missed Melbourne Open House. Oh well. Life is rich and full as it is. (And there's always next year!)

9. My Post Office Box! Deciding to make more use of it, seeing as so many of my parcels have gone missing. Also taking the plunge and finally -- compelled by a case of the mega-niggles -- ordering returning mailing labels with my PO Box on them (as well as an updated set for the family to reflect our newest member!). Updating my Amazon and Etsy settings. Signing up for SMS notification when I have mail. I'm still not sure what to make of the missing communications but let's just say I am not prepared to go down the gurgler with Australia Post.

10. THE most exquisite handmade quilt from my girl Jill (pictured above), which arrived as a surprise gift to celebrate my bambino's arrival. I am struggling to put into words how I felt when it arrived, so I won't. Except to say that bambino will have to "share" it with me, I love it so much.

What have you been grateful for of late?

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  1. Love the colorful quilt and the link to the Dodo Pad is quite entertaining! I just might have to order one for myself for 2015...

    What I'm grateful for this week is having some paid work, a potential sewing student and making some headway into organizing my creative space by adding a work table.

    Looking forward to seeing more posts when your schedule allows!