Saturday, August 9, 2014

August Moon 14, the day before...

Friends, we are on the eve of the August Moon reflective writing challenge!

The emails are set to go and the posts are all teed up to publish. So far, there are almost 70 intrepid souls signed up to dive in.

I am excited, elated, exhausted and slightly anxious all at once. I have the feeling it's going to be an incredible two weeks.

This week, I received the following forecast from one of my favourite astrologers:

Every February, you go through a phase when it's easier to see the big picture of your life. If you take advantage of this invitation, your experience is like being on a mountaintop and gazing into the vastness. Every August, on the other hand, you are more likely to see the details you have been missing. Transformations that have been too small and subtle to notice may become visible to you. If you capitalize on this opportunity, the experience is like peering through a microscope. Here's a third variation, Gemini: Around the full moons of both February and August, you may be able to alternately peer into the microscope and simulate the view from a mountaintop. I think that's about to happen.

It feels incredible to be seen this way, like a major blessing from the Universe. Because it's the view from the mountaintop and the microscope that is exactly what I want to share in this year's August Moon challenge.

Today, I drew a card called Reveal the Peacock Beauty from my Kuan Yin oracle deck. Its significance blew me away:

As the Soul grows spiritually, the creative energies being to rise from the sacral chakra in the hips and pelvis, to the throat chakra, where they can be translated into sound and made manifest. What once would have been more instinctual creativity, beautiful in its own way, becomes inspired and sublime, adding depth and healing energy to your creative expressions. You begin to create divine beauty through your words and actions. You become an active, healing force for divine beauty in our world.

This oracle is also an indicator that whatever project, plan or purpose you have been contemplating is in alignment with the higher creativity of your Soul. Don’t worry if the details aren’t unfolding as you thought they would. It is always wise to be clear with your intention and surrender the details to the Universe so that they can unfold according to a vision greater than our own. All you need to do is have faith and follow your intuition to take the steps that you feel heart-inspired to take and to have patience and trust in yourself and in the Universe.

The Universe does not mess around, my friends. Let's do this!

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