Monday, August 18, 2014

On winners and good intentions

So this morning, I had every intention of getting up and going for a swim. I had my kit all ready, including my newly purchased swim tokens, and my towel, goggles and bathing cap were all packed and ready to go.

Bambino woke at 5.45am for a feed then would not settle back down to sleep. But my husband got up and kept him amused. Our daughter got up at her usual 6.30am and amused herself playing Snail Bob on the iPad and my husband made them all breakfast.

So everyone in my family played their part to perfection in order to give me a 6am to 7am window to exercise. My back has been playing up lately, my weight has been steadily creeping up and I have been hankering to get a little fitter. And I actually love swimming.

And yet this morning at 6am, I groaned, rolled over and went back to sleep.

And all day since I have been a little out-of-sorts, annoyed with myself that I didn't take the opportunity.

Now I'm pretty sure that, had I gotten up and gone for a swim, I'd be feeling pretty darn fantastic by now (physically and sanctimoniously!).

But I didn't and nothing is going to change that. So it seems that the best thing I can do is exercise a little self-compassion, acknowledge that today wasn't the day for it, and reassure myself that there's always tomorrow.

The temptation is there to give myself a hard time and wallow in the grumps but I don't see how that is going to get me any closer to the pool when 6am rolls around tomorrow. The punitive approach just doesn't do it for me anymore.

I'm curious: do any of you out there feel that way about August Moon? Did you sign up and start out with good intentions but, when it came to the crunch, rolled over and go back to sleep?

Early on in the challenge, I received a tweet from a lovely lass saying that she was still stuck on setting an intention. I wonder how many more of us are out there, waiting for the perfect intention to arrive before we give ourselves permission to begin.

Today, as we find ourselves half way through the August Moon challenge, I just want to share that if you are having trouble getting out of the starting blocks then that is totally OK. You have permission just to start wherever you are. The intention may become apparent through the course of the journey... or maybe it will never emerge at all. That's OK too. It seems to me you'll still get something out of pondering the questions.

As as for those of you who went back to sleep, I want you to know that I totally understand. Some days, extra sleep is exactly what's required. There's no need to add August Moon to your To Do list and give yourself a hard time. You'll come to it when you're ready. Or you might stumble into it in the meantime.

I am hoping to stumble into the pool tomorrow morning. Maybe circumstances at home won't be as conducive. Maybe that'll be enough to deter me once again. But there's always the day after that.

P.S. If you haven't signed up for August Moon it's not too late to join in! If you signed up late and missed the first few emails, you are more than welcome to drop me a line and I will forward them to you.

P.P.S. Congratulations to Philippe Perez and The Anchorite, whose posts were selected by a random number generator thereby winning the August Moon 14 giveaway!

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  1. Oh you beautiful person! I have not yet written a word (we have been on vacation) but I do intend to answer each of your interesting and throughtful prompts as I recover from a surgical procedure on my heart beginning next week. Enforced recovery time is also a really good time to take inventory. Blessings to you!