Thursday, August 7, 2014


With a few days left before August Moon kicks off, I find myself worrying wondering how I am going to do it all.

Kindred spirits who have communed with me here before know that what I usually try to do, when I am hosting a blogging challenge, is:

* visit every post added to the daily linky
* leave an encouraging comment
* tweet about each of the posts I've read
* retweet every tweet that uses the #augustmoon14 hashtag
* visit tweeted links and leave encouraging comments (if they weren't in the linky)

Even when there are a small number of participants -- as there were, for example, in April Moon this year -- these activities take a few hours each day.

Make no mistake: these are hours spent in joy and wonder. And I feel privileged that these hours are mine.

But I have no idea where these hours are going to come from this August. In April, my bambino was a mere month old and slept for long stretches throughout the day. Now he is almost five months old and is awake for most of the day, with a tendency to catnap.

As I have mentioned before, this means that I only have a couple of 45 minute bursts to myself each day and there is invariably something that requires attention if I am going to maintain any form of inner peace. Otherwise, my life is full with tending to the needs of a tiny blossoming soul as well as an exuberant five year old girl in Grade Prep... not to mention a husband, a household and LIFE!

But, despite all that, I couldn't let the chance past to host August Moon this year. As I explained yesterday, the Universe just would not stop tapping me on the shoulder until I gave this idea space to grow.

And [other than being time poor] I am ready. The time is right for our "and yets".

So, this time around, I am giving myself permission to be a "bad" host and not fulfil all of my obligations as outlined above.

I'll do my best but I ask you to forgive me if the spottiness of my presence detracts from your experience, particularly compared to other blogging challenges.

I have faith, though, that you will look after each other beautifully, as you have done in the past. During April Moon, when I did finally get around to visiting each post I noticed a handful of gorgeous comments left by other participants. It was this sense of community -- and the sight of genuine friendships formed -- that was the most rewarding aspect of all.

And I'll write more about this tomorrow. In the meantime, here's to doing it anyway.

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