Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturdays are for savouring

This week I have been grateful for...

1. The beautiful family portrait made for me by my little 'un. It depicts my self and my sister, calling to each other, and our mum standing nearby with her hands on her hips (her smile of approval is because we are "calling to each other so nicely", I'm told). Then there's my dad watching the television -- complete with a "blue band with writing at the bottom of the screen" -- with the button on his recliner chair within handy reach. I am continually blown away by my girl and her view of the world.

2. My bambino is growing healthily and gets more gorgeous by the day. When I lean into his cot after he has woken from a day time nap, he smiles at me and his tiny pudgy hands curl up to his cheeks and he kicks his legs as if he's just been given the best present ever. That boy brings me so much joy, every day.

3. The best haircut ever! Gals reading this will know that trying out a new hairdresser is a risky business. I was lucky enough to have a recommendation from a very stylish friend and was even luckier that the salon is walking distance from my home. Of course, now that my hair has been washed, it has gone back to its curly state so does not resemble the blowdried bob from my last post. But I still love it and that's really something.

4. Reconnecting with my physio, who was also my yoga/pilates teacher. I've missed her energy, she has been such a calm and compassionate presence in my life over the past two years. This time was no exception as I had to reschedule our appointment at the last minute because of some tricky bambino nap-wrangling. Grateful for this space.

5. An amazing new Australian magazine called Womankind. It's all kinds of daring and beautifully produced. On first glance, the tone can tend towards the preachy -- and, trust me, I am one of the converted -- but I think this will mellow over time as the publication finds its feet and its following. The layout is nothing short of exquisite and every single article has depth and substance. Highly recommended.

6. A number of months ago, I treated myself to one of these Story People wrist wraps in orange. I've felt called to wear it almost every day lately and it feels like the perfect reminder of an ultimate truth. Yes.

7. A lovely morning with my sister and our bambini, munching freshly baked muffins, sipping Paris Breakfast tea, savouring belly laughs and taking lots of photos and videos of our littlies while the sun streamed through the windows. Love.

8. A new tax agent. I never thought I'd have anything exciting to say about taxes -- although how good is it when that return check arrives in the mail? -- but I have just started the process of working with my husband's tax agent so as to expedite both of our returns. So far, he's been cheerful, helpful and responsive. My favourite combination.

9. Finishing a huge letter-writing project. I scurried to the post office yesterday and sent no less than 20 letters, two small packages and four big parcels-worth of love out into the world. I keep hearing that the art of letter-writing is dead but friends from all over Australia, South East Asia, the UK, the US and even Rwanda will beg to differ. To give you an idea of just how overdue this project is, one letter included a newspaper clipping dated 2007! That said, it will be such a treat to connect with dear friends with whom contact has otherwise been lost. I'm not on facebook but I'd prefer a letter, any day.

10. As I've been writing this, bambino has been napping and my husband and daughter went shopping at "Daddy's special supermarket". (To be clear, Daddy does not own this supermarket, he just loves shopping there on occasion.) It's a bit of a local legend as it stocks a staggering variety of Mediterranean fare and the decor has not changed for a long, long time lending the shopping experience a certain quaintness a la Zabar's. Now they are home and unpacking all the goodies they bought and the love and excitement is palpable... so I am logging off to join them.

What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. thanks for your post i enjoyed the glimpse into your life!