Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This is a thing now.

You know that thing that happens when the Universe keeps tapping you on the shoulder until you finally take notice?

A few weeks ago I was pondering the fact that August Moon was fast approaching and wondering what theme I'd adopt. I felt like it was time for something new but conjuring something "for the sake of newness" didn't feel right.

I decided to sit with the question for a bit. Or, rather, let it sit with me as I pottered about and got on with my daily life. It seemed to me that the answer would not need to be "invented", that it would come to me from observing the landscape of my life from a little distance.

After a few days, it clicked.

Almost every conversation I'd had, most of the emails I'd exchanged, many of the books or resources I'd recommended to friends... they all centred on one thing: which way forward?

The path looked something like this:

* my friends and I are coming through significant life changes: having children, loss of someone dear, end of a relationship, end of a job contract, major health crises

* we are being propelled towards making a decision about what we want to do for a living

* but, for the first time, we don't feel we can default into old ways of being, ones where we are defined by our day jobs or professional titles

* we realise we have a range of skills and passions and dreams that don't neatly fit into one job description or organisation

* we catch glimpses of the possibility that we may need to invent our ideal roles and that they may be diffuse, especially to begin with, and they will likely evolve over time

* but we are not digital natives and the world is changing, fast

* and we are also children of baby boomers and have had it drummed into us that financial security is important above all else (and most of us have children and/or parents to support)

* so taking a leap into the unknown feels scary... almost unthinkable

* and yet...

And it's the "and yet" that I keep seeing, everywhere I look. In my blog reader. In my twitter and instagram feeds. Over coffee. On the radio. Even in fashion spreads.

As I have said, I don't have the answer. I am not a psychologist, life coach or careers counsellor. I am a just a woman on a journey with the questions.

So this really does seem like a thing now.

And that's why, I am inviting you, if you have an "and yet" that keeps tapping you on your shoulder, to make space in August to investigate a little bit further.

I also want to add: this new line of enquiry feels like its own "and yet" for me. It is a different approach to my usual blog challenges and I can appreciate it's not for everyone.

I offer my sincere apologies to the members of my reflective writing community for whom this does not resonate; I also offer my hearty congratulations to those of you who have arrived at a place where you feel comfortable with who you are and love what you do for a living. If, at any stage, you wish to jump in and share your experiences or offer your insights, you would be warmly welcome!

That said, you may find the questions are sufficiently universal that you can apply them to where you are. Other than that, losing your presence in this blog challenge feels like a bit of risk.

But as Anaïs Nin once wrote, "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

This is me, leaning in to my truth and calling to kindred spirits, old and new, for whom it resonates.

It would be a privilege to commune with you in the space that is "and yet".

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