Friday, September 19, 2014

Almost there

On this perfect work day, I wake at about 7am and feed my bambino. I help my daughter get dressed for school and get breakfast for all three of us. I sip coffee and potter about and kiss my husband goodbye as he leaves for work.

Bambino and I walk our beautiful big girl to school in the sunshine and give her a big kiss and hug then watch her run towards her friends at the playground. We walk home, stopping to take the occasional photo on the way, then bambino goes down for his morning nap and I make the beds and tidy the kitchen and prepare snacks and make a couple of shopping lists.

My mum arrives to babysit for a few hours. I head out to my light-filled writing studio. I plunge another coffee (decaf this time), lay out a tarot spread to affirm whatever is swimming around in my psyche. Then I sit and crank out the next 1,000 words of my second novel while I munch on berries, nuts, dried fruit and tiny slivers of the best dark chocolate ever. I drink a lot of water.

I make my way over the road to the swimming pool and clear my head with as many laps as I can manage in half an hour. On the way back to my desk, I check my Post Office box to collect an assortment of postcards, aerogrammes and book deliveries. I pick up some freshly made sushi and munch at my desk while listening to a podcast.

Then it's back to business for the afternoon. Final proofing of my novel before it goes to print. The next stage of edits on a magazine piece I've been working on. Cobbling together rough notes for the next reflective writing challenge. Writing a blog post. Corresponding with a designer regarding the progress of a big, slow burning project.

There's a satisfying mix of short term and long term goals, all of which are consistent with my Core Desired Feelings.* I finish with a tidy in-box and a clear To Do list for the next day.

I head home via the butcher's and fruit & veggie shop, chat with mum about her time with bambino. Then we head over to collect our beautiful big girl from school, maybe even stopping on the way home for a freshly baked pastry or artisanal gelato and a swing in the park.

In the evening, we putter around, unpacking from today and preparing for tomorrow. It's cool outside so we light the fire and put some music on and my daughter dances on the living room carpet while bambino plays with his toys. My husband comes home and cooks dinner and we sit around the table talking about our day and playing "the guessing game" and "the favourites game".

I put my beautiful babes in the bath and read a book while they splash about. Then it's bedtime for the littlies. Many stories and more kisses later, my husband and I unwind in front of the fire with a glass of red and an episode of The Colbert Report then flake out on a sofa each while we gasbag about our day.

We go to bed and fall into deep and effortless sleep, safe in the knowledge we will awake refreshed and ready for more of the same the next day.

And how does this make me feel? As I write this, incredible. And incredulous, knowing that this sort of day is almost within my reach.

If I can juuust stay the distance... I'm almost there.

* More on this soon!

This post is my response to Day Five of the August Moon reflective writing challenge. You are most welcome to share your own response to the prompt in the comments below. 

Otherwise, the next opportunity to connect is Reverb in December. Join us?

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  1. i did NOT read this entire post. i did read enough to realize it is a woman telling about her Life via the bLogosphere... i am a survivor of domestic abuse and suffer from PTSD. i used to bLog "my Life", but my X-abuser scolded me and told me that there was not a souL, whom would be interested in my banal minutiae, so i Stopped. i have never really felt comfortable doing it again. NonetheLess, i Praise you for being Awesome and Authentic! ~hugs from an internet junkY.