Friday, October 31, 2014


It's the last day of October and, for some reason, I thought this was the last of my August Moon posts. It all felt very tidy and fitting... until I realised that I have one more to prompt to respond to.

It's only a tiny example and in no way a negative one but it does represent what's been happening in my world of late. Sometimes life just doesn't let you sit back and cross your arms with satisfaction at how neatly everything has panned out.

That's not to say good stuff isn't happening. It's just all happening in increments.

There have certainly been some "big ticket items" checked off the list. Like this week's "teaching to sleep" experience (which was horrid at first but actually went extremely well). Or the very real possibility of some very good news, something I've been hoping for for a very long time (if not forever). And the sense that things that the dust is settling on something that was making me anxious this time last week (thanks to some welcome perspective).

I have the feeling November is going to be BUSY. There's a number of projects to progress, Reverb to plan, Christmas on the horizon. There will be the usual family commitments and some school ones too.

But before I launch in, I want to spend some moments getting quiet and noticing. I feel butterflies in my solar plexus and they are a strange breed of anxiety, excitement, frustration and hope. Somewhere in there I can also sense joy, which feels like the warmth of the sun.

I don't feel like my thoughts are especially coherent here and I see the need to sit and write and see what tumbles out and what sort of order/sense I might impose on it, albeit gently/lovingly.

It feels like I have a tiny window of opportunity to unravel... before I start rolling again.

Yesterday, when bambino finally settled down for his first daytime nap, I scanned my huge To Do list, including the imperative to do a lot of baking in anticipation of the weekend's entertaining. Instead, I made a cup of tea, opened a bag of chocolates that had been set aside for trick or treaters, and read a magazine.

Chocolates aside, it felt like a good start.

This post is my response to Day Fifteen of the August Moon reflective writing challenge. You are most welcome to share your own response to the prompt in the comments below. 

Otherwise, the next opportunity to connect is Reverb in December. Join us?

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