Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Uncharacteristically shy and sharing the love

If you're visiting here for the first time via today's Big Hearted Business Members Round-up, welcome! It's such a treat to see you here though it also makes me feel strangely bashful.

If you're a friend who has been reading for a while, let me explain. You'll notice that I have one very spiffy button on my sidebar announcing that I am a member of the Big Hearted Business community.

I joined up without hesitation after the Big Hearted Business conference earlier this year. I haven't yet had the opportunity to dive in and make the most of the podcasts and other assorted goodness that resides therein (because bambino). But I always enjoy receiving missives from Clare and her beautiful crew. And I know the inspiration and connection are gifts that will go on giving... and ones that I will always be grateful I gave myself.

I don't know if I've mentioned but I live quite close to Clare Bowditch and her bambini attend the same school as my daughter. So we sometimes see each other in the mornings and exchange a friendly smile or bit of chit chat. It won't come as any surprise to anyone to learn that she is every bit as open and gracious and down to earth as her public persona (not to mention stunning, which is hardly fair before 9am!).

Anyway, I recently made a point of stopping to share with her an amazing experience I'd had as a result of being part of the Big Hearted Business Directory. I was planning to put it into an email so that her team could also receive the feedback but I'll admit this task was in danger of disappearing into the craziness of the day. But Clare's response was so genuinely joyful that I promised to put it in an email to her assistant, Lisa.

This is what I said:

I just wanted to share that I was at a writing workshop a couple of weekends ago and was chatting to various people. At least three times, I handed over my business card and the recipient looked at my picture and my name and said, "Hmmm... where do I know you from?"

I don't have a huge profile, so I wasn't surprised when the mention of the writing challenges I run via my blog drew blanks. So then I asked, "Maybe I saw you at the Big Hearted Business conference this year?" and then the penny dropped. "That's it!" they said each time, "I saw you on the BHB Directory!"

How cool is that?!

So thank you for doing what you do and for doing it so ace-ly. It really does work!

Kat x

Imagine my delight when I was quoted in today's love letter to members!

Two things really stuck me about this exchange.

One is that BHB membership really is a very special thing and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their connection with kindred creatives to the next level.

The second is how vital it is to share the love! Those of us who weave our spells in front of computer screens may never see how our magic works in person. It's so easy to assume that people are fully confident in everything they produce but how often do we take the time to give feedback that's not critical?

Friends, I dare you to write a love letter today. Let someone know that what they do absolutely rocks your world. You'll feel amazing, even if you never receive a reply.

[Bonus points if you deliver it in person!]

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  1. Oh, it looks like my longish previous comment was eaten. UGH. I'll be brief: You are wonderful! I thank YOU!