Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Meet Mabel (and a giveaway!)

Have you met Mabel? I really think you should. She is wise, genuine, full of talent and extremely beautiful.

What more could you want from a magazine?

I feel so honoured that a prose piece I wrote is included in the latest issue (Issue Two), which carries the theme Owning It. (Let me tell you, when I saw my profile nestled in between those of Jonatha Brooke and Laurie Wagner, I just about needed smelling salts!)

I want to share that the process of getting published in Mabel was every bit as marvellous and enriching as the experience of reading this unique publication. I submitted a pitch according to the guidelines, which were very clear, and was ecstatic to have it accepted. I then set about working on my piece so as to meet the deadline, in the midst of preparing for August Moon.

The feedback on my piece was nothing short of incredible. It was detailed and robust but couched in the most nurturing and encouraging terms that it felt like a privilege to receive it. I could see that a lot of thought had been devoted to how to make my submission the best it could be but also how to make suggestions to me in the most collegiate and compassionate way possible.

I don't know who the mystery editor was but I remain grateful to her for her guidance. My final draft was a much tighter and more focused piece of prose for her efforts. Somehow she was able to see through my ramblings to the heart of my intention, and illuminate the way so that I could see it more clearly myself.

It seems to me that Miss Mabel is a very rare thing: a publication that truly reflects the ethos of its founders in every single interaction that contributes to its creation. For that, Stef and Liz deserve rich congratulations... and all of our support.

I am so excited to share that I will be giving away two copies of Issue Two of Mabel magazine during Reverb14. Everything you need to know about signing up can be found HERE.

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