Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday is for savouring

It feels so lovely to be getting back into savouring, my gratitude practice in this space. These past few weeks, I have been grateful for...

1. The incredible map Isabel Faith Abbott made of my hand. This is deserving of at least ten blog posts all on its own. I mean, I literally had to put the reading down and walk away after each page, it was so potent! More soon.

2. This celebration of extraordinary writing spaces. I'm happy with my own -- and I'll be sharing photos soon -- but I certainly would not say no to any one of these! *swoon*

3. My little fella has sleeping through the night for almost a month now. I can't believe I underestimated the difference a full night's sleep would make for all of us. So grateful for the support I received in making this happen (and for having such a smart and amenable little dude!) but also for my own reserves of strength and courage in toughing it out.

4. More wisdom from my marvellous Max. Love that lady.

5. Christmas is coming! I am so excited! I love Christmas. So do my parents and sister. And so does my daughter. And I love how she loves Christmas. Please don't hate me when I share that just ordered our tree and have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping. I kinda shopped throughout the year, knowing that a last-minute buying frenzy would not serve anyone well. If it's any consolation, I'm still looking for an advent calendar -- preferably Hello Kitty, preferably with a tiny chocolate each day -- for my daughter.

6. My amazing daughter received a Caught Being Good award this week at school for “always trying her best and working hard in concert rehearsals to learn the lyrics and dance moves”. Her role in the prep concert is “line leader” and she is so excited to have that responsibility. So proud of that girl.

7. My gorgeous osteopath. Those of you who have been journeying with me for a while will know that I have been suffering from a bodgy back for years. Now, a mere months after my second Caesarian, my back rarely hurts, pelvic floor so much stronger and the persistent tingling under my shoulder blades is gone. I have to say, I also just love seeing Clare and admiring her exceptional taste in accessories, hearing about all the amazing theatre events she attends, and exchanging cocktail recipes.

8. Alain Johannes’ new album Fragments and Wholes Vol. 1 has been released! You might recall I was a massive fan of his first solo album, which honoured the memory of his wife. And this one? Ohhhh! It’s gooood. And it was a privilege to have been a part of bringing it to the world, supporting its production via Pledge Music. Love.

9. Emily McDowell’s fabulous work. Have you seen it? It's brilliant, gorgeous and so very fun (one of my favourite combinations). I've ordered a few pieces for gifts, so can’t tell about them here, but let me just say that I couldn’t resist ordering this and this for my writing studio. Oh, and this one for home! Heh.

10. The photo montage of me, my husband and our two children at around the same age. The similarities and subtle differences blow me away. My mum reckons that my children inherited "the sparkle" in my eye. How I love this!

What were you grateful for, this week?

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