Thursday, November 13, 2014


A quiet moment as bambino settles himself for a nap. A mild moment as the chill of the morning dissolves into the sting of the sun. A still moment as I survey all that has been done before facing all that needs doing.

It's a lovely feeling, to return to this space after completing my responses to the August Moon challenge. I have been so grateful for the structure that the prompts provided these past few months, especially on the days I was so sleep-deprived I was barely coherent. I am also intrigued how different my answers were these past few weeks to the ones that were marinating in my mind when I penned the questions all the way back in June.

Now I face the dilemma of so much to write and not knowing where to start. And, as always, such little time.

I have a lot of gratitude to share here. Lots of juicy resources that have come my way. Beautiful people. Exciting opportunities. Fun stuff. Lists and lists, waiting to be compiled.

My family continues to evolve and my bambino is already eight months old (I bought him his first toothbrush this morning!). His joining our family has changed everything... for the better. I want to tell you about this too.

And then there's the sense that the Universe has been leaving me clues. Do you ever get that feeling? Like, you are asking yourself a question about who you and why, and then you notice that things people say or artefacts from your life that come back into your possession remind you of a story you'd long forgotten. Then suddenly you turn the corner and bump into an answer. THE answer. Shimmering gently, just waiting for you to arrive at exactly this time.

This time is exactly that time.

But bambino has woken so my writing time is up.

Until next time...

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