Sunday, December 21, 2014

Reverb14 Day 21: ending with certainty

Today, I'd like you to revisit what you wrote on 1 December on the first day of Reverb14. 

How does that compare to where you are now i.e. what can you say today with certainty?

Then, without thinking too hard about it, grab a pen and some paper and finish the following sentences:

In 2015, I am open to...

In 2015, I want to feel...
In 2015, I will say no to...
In 2015, I will know I am on the right track when… But when I find myself veering off course, I will gently but firmly…
In December 2015, I want to look back and say...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an incredible part of this Reverb journey. I’ll be back tomorrow but for now I’m inviting you to sit and marvel at all that you have achieved in 2014 and all the joy that awaits in 2015.

You are warmly invited to share your response in the linky below. Be sure to check out the other amazing responses while you're there! (Trust me, this is how the magic happens.)

This prompt is part of the Reverb14 reflective writing challenge. The full set of prompts can be viewed here once they are published.


  1. I am enjoying your entries/prompts, even when I don't follow through with a post of my own. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement.

  2. Thank you so much Kat! Reverb14 was truly a delight to participate in, both in the reflecting for myself and in the witnessing of others as they danced with these wonderful prompts as well. What a beautiful community you hold space for! Wishing you a fabulous and joy-filled 2015.