Saturday, February 21, 2015

Savouring my Saturday

I've really missed sharing my gratitude in this space and, as a result, have a lot of things in the queue, just waiting for some light to be shone on them! So, I'll be sharing more tomorrow but without further ado:

Right now I am grateful for...

1. The beautiful email from my equally beautiful friend Jen in Atlanta, in response to Thursday's post:

I am glad that you showed up. I am so happy to read your words! Here's the thing, you've still been showing up. I promise. Just in other places. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

Between this and the emails I have received from friends noticing the lacuna and enquiring if I was OK, I feel beloved  and blessed indeed.

2. I'm happy to report that my amazing daughter has settled in really well to her new school. She's been brave and open and willing to get in there and have a go, as always. Of course, she's had some very healthy and normal anxieties, and I've had a couple of concerns of my own, but the school has been very responsive to both. So I'm almost completely reassured that we have made the right decision.

3. Our little dude is back on track with sleeping. He only tends to wake once during the night and he is settling himself beautifully. Even daytime naps are a lot less stressful this time around. I feel like we're working together towards weaning, though we're on no hurry. A routine that has greater flexibility for all of us, will be very welcome as, at present, sleep is tied to breastfeeds so I'm the only one who can settle him.

4. An oldie but a goodie! I rarely watch funny videos and am very reluctant to forward them on (and I know absolutely nothing about Taylor Swift) but this one had me smiling from ear to ear for days afterwards.

5. A lovely little exhibition about a local theatre star. I really love local history, feeling connected to the stories that give our 'hood so much character. Did I mention that I have engaged the help of a local historian to research the story of our home? The stuff she's discovered has blown me away. More on this soon.

6. Speaking of which, this phenomenal house was recently sold. My husband used to live a few doors down and knew the elderly gent who lived there quite well. He was always dressed rather dapperly and always told the same stories. Apparently after the auction, everyone from the neighbourhood stayed behind to exchange stories about the man. Love.

7. Past selves, future selves: a theme is emerging. I am indebted to Isabel Faith Abbott for pointing me in the direction of this amazing piece by Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes.

8. I actually won something! I am a subscriber to Frankie Magazine and a member of Writers Victoria and both recently held draws to reward their subscribers. I won a pair of Saltwater sandals and the novel The Factory by esteemed Melbourne writer Paddy O'Reilly, respectively. I'm not a winner, as a rule, so this was a lovely surprise!

9. I was blown away by the genesis of this band. I'm just sorry I won't have the chance to see them this time around. Hopefully there will be a next time and soon! Sadly this won't be the case for the remaining members of the Buena Vista Social Club, whom I won't be able to see when they're in town on their farewell tour. Sometimes, you just gotta live with the (FO)MO, huh.

10. I have a ticket to see Lake Street Dive tonight. When I booked the ticket, I noted the time as 5pm but it turns out they won't be onstage until 9pm. So, provided I am still awake and am up for a night of standing around in 36 degrees Celsius, it should be a really lovely night. And if I don't make it... I guess it I will be living proof that sleep wins over FOMO. I believe I can live with that.

What are you grateful for, right now?

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  1. I'm grateful to hear your voice ;)

    ...and I'm grateful for a supportive boss and good doctors and getting the taxes done and paying the bills and friends coming to visit.