Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Sunday savoured

This week, I have been grateful for...

1. My amazing friend Alana. We are collaborating to bring you this year's April Moon reflective writing challenge and it's been a privilege to work with my wise and generous friend. And thanks to her talents, it is going to be the juiciest writing challenge yet! (You have signed up, yes?)

2. My exquisite new mandala ring, pictured above. I love the process of selecting the right ring from The Fifth Element Life collection. It was exactly the right ring for me and has proven a powerful talisman indeed. And can I also say that it feels absolutely beautiful on my finger? I know that sounds like an odd thing to say but it really did glide on like silk and, for such a chunky accessory, is the most comfortable thing to wear ever.

3. More kindred spirits reaching out to let me know how my words have given them courage or inspiration when they needed it. This would have to be my favourite thing in the whole world and the whole reason I write in the first place. Love.

4. Stanislava Pinchuk aka MISO and her generosity of time and spirit. I went to visit her in her studio for research for my novel and she was gracious and helpful, despite being extremely busy and about to move! I'm also indebted to our mutual friend, the beautiful Julia, for her help and encouragement in reaching out to make contact with Stanislava (I'll confess to being a bit starstruck and more than slightly shy!).

5. My incredible daughter sharing how happy she is at her new school. It has been a weight off my shoulders to see her so happily settled and learning so much! And we're all loving being part of the school community. Her classmates and their parents are simply lovely and it feels good to know we'll be on this journey together for the next six years.

6. Autumn. My favourite time of year. Even though the foliage hasn't quite changed yet, to be honest I am just grateful that Summer is over and we didn't have a day over 40 degrees Celsius. (Plus there were was only one bushfire near my parents' home and a Police investigation is closing in on a suspected firebug.)

7. This incredible piece by Brian Andreas of Story People. YES.

8. Birthday party month going swimmingly, so far. We've had the Lego Minecraft party (highly recommended), not to mention the provision of jelly, fruit and lollypops at school on the actual day plus two family parties. It's been hectic but worth it... and delightful to see my littlies enjoy themselves. There's one more official party to go, plus one soecial luncheon (and maybe two little afternoon teas with individual friends) and then we can say that my children's birthdays are officially over for another year. Although my daughter has already started planning for Christmas...!

9. This perfect forecast from Rob Breszny this week (I mean!):

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In a *New Yorker* cartoon, Tom Gauld outlines "The Four Undramatic Plot Structures": 1. "The hero is confronted by an antagonistic force and ignores it until it goes away." 2. "The protagonist is accused of wrongdoing, but it's not a big thing and soon gets sorted out." 3. "The heroine is faced with a problem but it's really difficult so she gives up." 4. "A man wants something. Later, he's not so sure. By suppertime he's forgotten all about it." In my astrological opinion, Gemini, you should dynamically avoid all four of those fates. Now is a time for you to take brave, forceful action as you create dramatic plot twists that serve your big dreams. 

10. My neighbourhood, where people are house proud and generous, as evinced by sidewalk installations such as these:

What have you been grateful for this week?

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