Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It couldn't wait!!

When I was in San Fransisco in 1999, I heard my favourite artist SARK tell a gorgeous story about her father's response to a poster she made for her mother entitled Just for Mom. He demanded she make an equivalent for dads, which she duly did, entitled How to Forgive Your Father.

He then bestowed his highest compliment on her creation: "I am going to have this laminated!". Of course, we all laughed.

But, I have to say, that's exactly how I felt when I learnt that Summer Pierre published a new comic today called Why I Live at the P.O. that has me in it (see tiny excerpt above: SWOON!).

Seriously, as soon as I saw it, I just wanted to print it out and laminate it. I wanted to hold it my hands and turn over the pages and read it again and again without damaging it. And I wanted to keep it forever.

There's just something so incredible about being seen in this way. It feels very raw and important to me and I'm not sure I can process it here in such a way that will do it justice.

It made me feel like I did something that mattered. Like I mattered.

As you know, I usually publish gratitude posts on the weekend (well, not every weekend!) where I savour the things that got me through the week.

But this one thing that happened today -- Summer's superb gift to me -- well, it couldn't wait until the weekend.  I really needed to share it now. And I want to keep it forever.

So I probably will have it laminated.

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