Thursday, April 23, 2015

April Moon 15: Alana's responses

As promised, below are Alana's responses to the April Moon prompts. [Image credit: Alana Lawson]

We thought we'd use them as an interview of sorts, just for the craic. Feel free to do the same, if there's someone in your life you'd like to know that little bit better! (They could even be first date material, if you're really feeling brave, heh.)

That's when I knew that this chapter of my life had ended. And now I was free to…
Get rid of a lot of stuff.  I’m still in the process of that really.

Knowing what I know now, I would tell my ten-years-ago self:
Keep writing. Write every day.
Maybe then I wouldn't feel as far 'behind' as I do now at times.

Giving birth doesn't have to be literal. So far, in my life, I have birthed…
Ideas, stories, poems, articles, as well as two of the cutest human beings on the planet.

The last time I felt completely relaxed was… 
A summer day in Canberra. A swimming spot called Pine Island. I was floating on my back and just had this overwhelming sense that things were going to be OK. This was about 13 years ago. Relaxation is not one of my strong points.

One of my greatest sources of inspiration has always been…
The night sky, the moon, the stars. If I feel stuck - or yuck - I like to go outside at night and just look up for a while.

Whenever thunder grumbles overhead, I think of… 
Watching the storms as a kid and my dad teaching me to count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder.

It's the first thing that comes to mind when I wake in the morning and the last thing I think of before I go to sleep:
"Thank you."

I wouldn’t call it a collection as such, but I do seem to have a lot of… 
Pop culture tees! Clever and/or cute and a tribute to one of my favourite films or TV shows? I want it!

I immediately feel my body tense up whenever I hear...
The phone ring.

The moment I enter the kitchen I feel...
Irritable. It's tiny, the oven doesn't work, and I'm usually going in there at the request of a hungry but extremely fussy child.

I am trying not to talk about...
How challenging things have been for me personally the last few weeks.

This is the best part of my day: 
Any part where Joe makes me laugh.

I sometimes wonder if I will ever... 
See the places I dream of travelling to.

This is what makes me feel lucky: 
My husband and I are really great together. As well as that we have two beautiful kids together and that I get to call these guys my family. So lucky.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I wish…
To feel like everything is going to be ok once more.

Now you can see why I think Alana is so beautiful! And why she feels like a true kindred. And why I was so keen to collaborate with her this April Moon. It makes me feel so lucky, to have her in my corner.

Don't forget, she runs her own series of Story Starters that are every bit as ace as the above -- if not more so -- each Wednesday on her blog. Seriously: you should check it. (And while you're there, you can read my responses to the above prompts.)

Thank you again for journeying with us! x

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  1. I can so relate to most of these responses... especially the one about the hungry but extremely fussy child. Was I like this when I was little (I think I was). Is this why we're getting this now (payback time!)?