Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In which Patricia Josephine talks about angels

I don't actually know Patricia Josephine. But she's part of the StoryDam crowd so it goes without saying that we are comrades on the journey. When I saw on twitter that the second of Patricia's books in the Path of Angels series was about to be published, I asked if I could read her books so that I could help spread the word.

If I am going to be honest, angels-versus-demons is not ordinarily a genre I would be drawn to but I couldn't put either book down. I read Michael and Zadekiel each in one sitting! Patricia created a sense of place and pace that totally hooked me in. The main themes in her novels were very accessible and relevant to contemporary life, and her characters were especially well drawn.

So of course, I couldn't resist inviting Patricia to share her insights both into her stories and her process. Luckily for us, she's as generous as she is talented!

Kat: Tell us about the series: what will it look like when all books are written?
Patricia: Path of Angels follows four archangels born into our world. Their duty in life is to find Fallen angels who rebelled and send them to the fiery pit below. Along the way, they uncover a plot to free the devil and we can’t have that, now can we? There’s also some love. Wanting to protect those you love I think is a powerful motivator to make the world a safer place.

Kat: The books have a very cinematic feel. Tell us where you draw inspiration from.
Patricia: Well, in high school, I was all about art, so when I get story ideas, in my head I see movie scenes instead of words. That can be tricky when I need to translate what I see into words.

Kat The battle between angels and demons is a tale that has been told many times but you gave given it a fresh perspective. I particularly love the complexity of Michael and Lake's relationship. Talk us through the genesis of this.
Patricia: I’m not really sure how to answer this. The characters seem to create themselves. I didn’t sit down and plan anything about Michael or Lake. I got this image of a tall blond man and he introduced himself to me and told me the story. It’s a very organic process for me.

Kat: Unsurprisingly, I was especially drawn to the character if Zephyr: the quirky, lonely gal who has learnt to submit to a mysterious muse who writes through her, things she does not quite understand. How does she reflect/embody your experience of writing?
Patricia: Zephyr is one of my favorite characters in the series. I think her poetry is something that strikes me because at times I have no control over the story ideas I get. The pop into my head unbidden and can consume me until I get the first draft finished. I have yet to wake up with a story written in my sleep though.

Kat: It sounds like you lead a busy life! How do you carve out time to bring these amazing stories to life?
Patricia: Lately, my life has been quite calm and that lets me get plenty of time for writing. There are times, though, when I go days without writing. I’ve learned to work with myself. I’m a horrible writer when I’m tried, so instead of forcing myself, I don’t stress. Then when I have a day off from the day job, I will devote the entire day to writing and get 10K written. I believe each writer is different and it’s important to learn to push yourself, but also to back off and admit that something isn’t working for you.

Once you have recovered from the shock of discovering that it's possible to write 10K in a day (I practically needed smelling salts when I read that!) I'd encourage you to check Patricia's books out by clicking on the covers below.

Happy reading! And all the best, Patricia. x


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  1. Didn't mean to shock you with the 10K number, Kat. I suppose I should add it's not a daily thing. Sometimes not even a weekly thing. If I really know how the story is supposed to go and don't get interrupted I can write that much in one day.