Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Questions, answers and a pink moon collaboration

I find that when I am seeking answers, it makes a lot of sense to ask questions.

So I ask.

How is this chapter of my novel going to resolve itself? Who will be able to help me with this aspect of my online identity? Where can I find a really stylish pair of t-bar shoes? What should the theme of this year's April Moon be?

I find that if I am receptive to the answer coming to me in any form -- repetition words or colours during a walk, snatches of a song, a random phone call, a photo in someone's instagram feed -- it will invariably arrive.

Not pushing seems to be key.

Which is why, I suspect, signs often coalesce into answers while I am doing something else e.g. having a shower, brushing my teeth, settling my son or, very occasionally, ironing business shirts. I guess this has something to do with the way different parts of the brain work? The science is beyond me.

Anyway, this year, the answer to the April Moon question arrived clearly while I was ironing with headphones on, listening to old time gospel music. Story starters! Instead of a single word prompt, I'd provide an unfinished sentence that could be used for inspiration for any type of prose... or poetry, photography, whatever. Yay!

Then later that day, while catching up on my blog feed, I noticed that my dear friend Alana was offering a new initiative for her writing community called Story Starter Wednesday.

Now, usually when I discover that someone has already implemented something I was planning, my automatic response is to feel discouraged. It's hard not to feel like the idea has already been "taken" and that there's no room for me. Also, I don't want it to look like I'm copying.

But, curiously, this time around I did not feel that way. There was something quite reassuring about the synchronicity, maybe even something exciting... like an opening for a collaboration? I tend to be a bit of a lone wolf when it comes to creative offerings and I didn't want to jeopardise a valuable friendship with my anxious, controlling tendencies.

As it turned out, Alana was very receptive to the opportunity and happy to share the Story Starter concept. And she was the dream collaborator! She collated our prompts and images, curated them into a narrative, then made each day's offering look so very pretty.

The pink moon is considered a unique time to work on relationships and I see that collaborating with Alana was a powerful reminder of the gift of being brave, reaching out and opening up to a kindred spirit.


The April Moon reflective writing challenge starts this Saturday (4 April). It's not too late to sign up! There's a special gift for all subscribers and a beautiful giveaway for kindreds who share their blogged responses. We look forward to dancing with your stories under the light of the pink moon.

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  1. I am looking forward to this installment of April Moon! I actually thought it began on the 1st - April Fool on ME ;)