Thursday, August 13, 2015

The difference

The difference is deeper than I thought. 

Even those who till the earth, when they are Christians, come to a way of life which is far from the earth; they say that their God has given them dominion over all things and every beat of the field. 

Whereas we dwellers in hillside and swamp, forest and far field, we know that it is not we who have the dominion over all nature, but she who has dominion over us, from the moment lust stirs in the loins of our fathers, and the desire in the wombs of our mothers brings us forth, under her dominion, to when we quicken in the womb and are brought forth in her time, to the lives of plant and animal which must be sacrificed to feed and swaddle and clothe us and give us strength to live… all, all of these things are under the domain of the Goddess and without her beneficent mercy none of us could draw a living breath, but all would be barren and die. 

And even when the time comes for barrenness and death, so that others may come to take our place on this earth, that is her doing too, she who is not only the Green Lady of the fruitful earth, but also the Dark Lady of the seed lying beneath the snows, and the hawk who bring death to the slow, and of the worms who work in secret to destroy that which has served its time, even our Lady of rot and destruction and death at the end…

Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Mists of Avalon

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