Tuesday, September 1, 2015


So, er, yes. What you see below is a collection of quotes that represents my journey of discovery through the sacred feminine.

What you also see is a series of thoughts left a little half-baked through neglect.

If I could fill in the gaps with the detritus from everyday life over here, you would see: the usual round of Melbourne colds; disproportionate anxiety about my children's illnesses; one tired and bloated body hunched over a laptop at every spare moment, racing against time to finish a novel.

It hasn't all been bad. There have been some beautiful email exchanges. Offers of help. Home baked Nutella and choc chip cookies (my sister is the best). Roses returning to cheeks. One phenomenal full moon. Experimenting with delicious smoothies. Handwritten cards in the mail. Tiny pink blossoms on the nectarine tree in our front garden. The most incredible night of escape and awe (if you live in Melbourne then you need to see this!). Exciting meetings with our architects. The promise of Spring.

And, the family holiday that starts on Thursday of next week. Of course, this is the deadline that is bringing everything else into sharp focus. And pumping adrenaline into my To Do lists. And sending my anxious perfectionist into overdrive. It doesn't help that there's a longhaul flight involved.

I've decided that, for the first time ever, I am not lugging my SLR around with me. It's a small detail but one that signifies that I am packing light. I even haven't announced to friends that I am arriving.

This is not easy to say when travelling with small kids but I really want some of this trip to just be for me.

You never know, I may even get some rest.

And I might even write more soon.

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