Saturday, December 12, 2015

Reverb15 Day 12: the alchemy of fear (a special guest post from Alana Lawson)

Today's prompt comes from one of my most favourite people in the world, Alana Lawson aka Wolf and Word. One of Alana's superpowers is her capacity to witness the stumbles of those dear to her and hold space for their pain and healing. Her quiet wisdom and unconditional kindness have been lifelines for me, more times than I can count. As always, I feel so proud and grateful to be sharing her insights with the Reverb community.

Alana writes:

One way we can be alchemists is when comes to fear.

I don’t believe in fearlessness. I truly cannot imagine what that would feel like.

But when we experience fear we can transmute that energy into something else, something more helpful.

For example, we may choose to change that fear into motivation, or focus, or hyper-awareness.

Can you think of an instance in the past year where you have been successful at making fear useful? 

What fears do you hold about the year ahead? And how could you use the energy of those fears in a different way?

Thank you, Alana!

You are warmly invited to share your response in the linky below. Be sure to check out the other amazing responses while you're there! (Trust me, this is how the magic happens.)

This prompt is part of the Reverb15 reflective writing challenge. You are welcome to dive in at any time! If you’re catching up, you can check out all prompts so far in the Reverb archive.

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