Saturday, December 19, 2015

Reverb15 Day 19: max power

It finally dawned on me this year that I rarely turn things up full bawl. 

Take my household appliances, for example. The MAX setting on my iron makes me nervous. I’ve sweltered through many a heatwave to discover that I had our evaporative cooling turned up only three quarters of the way. 

Take a look in my pantry or bathroom and you'll see that I rarely finish something unless I have a considerable amount of it in reserve (which is why I often buy two or three of everything). 

I wonder what this is all about. I mean, would it really be that bad to run out of something? I live a very comfortable First World life: it's not like I'd have trouble getting more of anything.

But something about pushing things to the limit gives me pause. Maybe because I worry it appears greedy or pushy or thoughtless. Or out-of-control.

Anyway,  today I am wondering what would happen if I allowed a little more out-of-control-ness in my life.

So I invite you to consider: where could you (like me) consider turning it up a few notches in the new year?

You are warmly invited to share your response in the linky below. Be sure to check out the other amazing responses while you're there! (Trust me, this is how the magic happens.)

This prompt is part of the Reverb15 reflective writing challenge. You are welcome to dive in at any time! If you’re catching up, you can check out all prompts so far in the Reverb archive.

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