Sunday, December 20, 2015

Reverb15 Day 20: space for answers

As I queued the Reverb15 posts for publishing last week, I kept hitting a blank by the time I reached 20 December. As today approached, I still had an empty space where a prompt and image should be.

This sort of situation used to make me nervous in the extreme. What?! An empty space? At the last minute? I won't be able to conjure something under pressure!! I suck at "last minute"!!!

But recently, I have been practicing the art of opening up to the unknown. A writerly form of alchemy, if you will.

It's not as esoteric as it sounds. Basically, what I do is spend a moment in the morning picturing the space that needs filling. Then I say to myself, "I am open to an idea finding me". Then, over the course of the day, I do my best to stay open. That is to say, I look for signs.

The answer usually arrives in a flash of inspiration -- an image, a conversation overheard, an aroma that sparks a memory -- much quicker than anticipated.

(Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a fantastic book about this called Big Magic, if you are interested in exploring more. For my part, I was rapt to read and discover a name for something I'd been doing for quite a while.)

Anyway, as I sat down my computer to stitch up this last post, the answer arrived: why not write about the fact that I didn't have anything to write about? And how I let that be OK and left the space open for something to find me... and then it did?

Today, I invite you to think about the great unknowns in your life right now. Say to yourself this morning: "I am open to the answers finding me". Then stay alert with as many senses as you can.

In what form did the answers find you?

You are warmly invited to share your response in the linky below. Be sure to check out the other amazing responses while you're there! (Trust me, this is how the magic happens.)

This prompt is part of the Reverb15 reflective writing challenge. You are welcome to dive in at any time! If you’re catching up, you can check out all prompts so far in the Reverb archive.

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