Friday, January 1, 2016

The last day... and the rest of the poem

I saw you dancing last night on the roof
Of your house all alone.

I felt your heart longing for the

I saw you whirling
Beneath the soft bright rose

That hung from an invisible stem in
The sky,

So I began to change into my best clothes
In hopes of joining you

Even though
I live a thousand miles away.

And if
You had spun like an immaculate sphere

Just two more times,
Then bowed again so sweetly to
The East,

You would have found God and me
Standing so near
And lifting you into our

I saw you dancing last night near the roof
Of this world.

Hafiz feels your soul in mine
Calling for our

The Subject Tonight is Love: 60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz
Translated by Daniel Ladinsky

In my very first blog post, all the way back on 2 January 2010, I transcribed this Hafiz poem to explain why I had called my blog I Saw You Dancing.

Today, in my last blog post, it feels fitting to return to it. Every time I read this exquisite piece, I am reminded of E. M. Forster's description of Constantine Cavafy: "a Greek gentleman in a straw hat, standing absolutely motionless at a slight angle to the universe".

I've always felt that I stood at a slight angle to the Universe, though rarely motionless. And by making this space, I found so many of you who are dancing the same way, so very near the roof of this world.

Thank you for all you have shared with me.

Please know that you are seen, that The Beloved hears you.

May your dance bring you moments of unmitigated joy. 

Until we meet again.


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  1. Thank you Kat. It has been good to visit you here and share my journey and yours, to be reminded by you that we are seen and that our everyday dances are extraordinary and beautiful. I wish you well on your journey. Xx