My offerings: April Moon

How April Moon works

On 4 April 2015, we will be experiencing a total lunar eclipse, whereby the Earth and the Sun are perfectly aligned. This eclipse is a “blood moon” or a “full pink moon” according to Native American lore.

To make the most of the potent time between this rare celestial event and the new moon on 18 April 2015, I am inviting you to take a few moments out of your day and join the April Moon reflective writing challenge.

This year, I am joined by the amazing Alana Lawson of Wolf and Word (pictured below). Alana is the genius behind Story Starter Wednesday and and I am so honoured she agreed to share her wisdom and talent with us this April Moon.

How to play

Each day for two weeks, we will email April Moon subscribers a reflective prompt in the form of a single unfinished sentence. These story starters might lead to personal reflections, fiction, poems, photography... maybe even crochet or cooking!

We invite you to respond on your blog, in your journal, wherever you are moved to express yourself but without thinking too hard about it.

Consider this a scavenger hunt for your virtual altar and offer up your poems, photographs and paintings as prayers. Take advantage of the motivation to write or create daily. Or just have fun, go with it and see what happens!

You are also welcome to tweet or tumblr or instagram your responses. We’ll be keeping an eye out for tweets with #AprilMoon15 and retweeting them (so it would be a good idea to follow us on twitter @_kat_mcnally_ and @wolfandword if you’re not already!).

We hope you will share your stories! You are warmly encouraged to share your responses – and see how others have responded – by visiting and adding your URL to the linky under each day’s post.

To receive April Moon prompts via email, please sign up HERE. Please note that prompts will only be available via email to subscribers, they will not be posted on this site.

Please also note that if you subscribed to April Moon, August Moon or Reverb prior to August 2014, you will need to sign up again so that: 1 you only have to sign up once for all three writing challenges; and b) I can be sure that you are happy to receive prompts for all three. I'm just keen not to keep pestering you and/or sending you unwelcome email!

And, as usual, there is a giveaway!

Dive in to this year's April Moon offerings to be eligible for one of two copies of Terry Tempest Williams' magnificent book When Women Were Birds.

All you need to do is sign up for April Moon as per the above and add the URL of your posts each day to the linky here at Winners will be drawn from the names of participating bloggers -- as indicated by posts each day on the linky -- on Sunday 12 April at 9pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

This means that the more frequently you share your posts, the greater the chance of winning! (No cheating by posting the same link more than once, though, OK?)

Blog buttons

As you can see, Cam (aka Ms CurlyPops) has outdone herself with another gorgeous design to celebrate April Moon. Please help yourself and help spread the love!


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Whether you scribble responses in your journal, or blog them and share them with kindred spirits, the planets are in alignment and the time is yours. Claim it!