My offerings: Reverb

How Reverb works

The month of December is the perfect time to reflect on the year that has passed and start to manifest your dreams for the new year. Reverb is therefore a reflective writing challenge that celebrates the successes and honours the challenges of the year that’s passing, then sows the seeds for a rich and rewarding new year.

Reverb was started by Gwen Bell and friends in 2009 as a writing challenge for bloggers to consider the reverberations they sent out into the universe. Gwen passed the challenge on to individuals to host in 2011 and a number of bloggers around the world have since taken up the baton. This makes for a pretty exciting and festive time, and it’s not unusual for bloggers to participate in multiple Reverbs at once!

How to play

There are two ways of participating in Reverb here, depending on how much you want to share. On signing up, you will receive a prompt via email each day between 1 and 21 December. A number of these prompts will have been written by guest writers, to encourage and inspire you along the journey.

You are welcome to use these prompts to guide reflections in your private journal.

OR if you would like to share your insights with the Reverb community, then all you need to do is blog your response then visit us here at and pop your URL in the linky provided each day. This will give other participants the chance to read your words and/or see your images and leave words of encouragement, and vice versa. It's a great way to share the excitement, discover new kindred spirits and entice other bloggers to visit you!

The only rules of engagement are: go gently and stay open. There’s no pressure to blog every day or share everything, and there’s no such thing as “falling behind”. December is a busy month for everyone – regardless of the holidays you observe – so even just reading the prompts and letting them marinate in the back of your mind is enough.

You are also welcome to tweet or tumblr or instagram your responses. I’ll be keeping an eye out for tweets with #reverb14 and retweeting them (so it would be a good idea to follow me on twitter @_kat_mcnally_ if you’re not already!).

To receive Reverb prompts via email, please sign up HERE.

Please note that if you subscribed to April Moon, August Moon or Reverb prior to August 2014, you will need to sign up again so that: 1 you only have to sign up once for all three writing challenges; and b) I can be sure that you are happy to receive prompts for all three. I'm just keen not to keep pestering you and/or sending you unwelcome email!

And there's always a giveaway!

Past prizes have included Leonie Dawson's Your Amazing Year planners and workbooks and Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map day planners and journals. Stay tuned for details of this year's goodies and how to make sure you're in the running to win!

Blog buttons

As you can see, we are incredibly fortunate to have a seriously stylish blog button to celebrate Reverb, designed by the über-talented Ms Curlypops. Please help yourself and help spread the love!


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However you’re travelling this December, it is a privilege to share the journey with you here. Let the magic and manifesting begin!